​Big Hair Animal Rescue (BHAR) is a volunteer run 501c3 rescue located in Central Massachusetts. We are a foster based rescue and have foster homes up and down the North East coast from Maine to New Jersey.  Since being founded in 2015 we have saved nearly 600 lives. We are non breed specific; however, we primarily focus on helping Chows and breeds that over populate shelters like Chihuahuas, hounds, pit bulls and cats.  

Big Hair Animal Rescue has a strong focus on helping community cats. We urge you to get involved! We can assist you with and train you on trapping, building shelters and will schedule spay and neuter surgeries for your feral/stray cats at no cost to you. We have assisted with several colonies in the Boston area as well as in Southbridge Massachusetts. If you need assistance please reach out! 


BHAR is a registered public charity that relies on the generosity of volunteers and the public. Donations go towards providing medical care, training, and supporting our fosters with food, bedding and supplies for our dogs and cats in rescue. We typically have 30-40 cats and dogs in our care at all times. 

Every day thousands of adoptable shelter pets are euthanized in the US; BHAR is committed to helping one shelter pet at a time and placing them in loving homes. Please help us make a difference for the forgotten ones that no one has come for.

Jessica Ann Specter

"Big Hair Animal Rescue is always there for Providence Animal Control, thank you ladies!" -Erika Jewel Cole, Director of Providence Animal Control 

I had the pleasure of adopting Hefner and I couldn't be happier! This whole adoption experience was wonderful! Both Lisa, the foster mom and Jessica kept me in the loop! They made me feel very comfortable every step of the way! I would highly recommend them. They are very caring and compassionate and have continued to stay in touch with me.  -Georgia Palmer

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If anyone needs any advice, help trapping or even just looking for good vets in their area, please contact BHAR and they will put all of their time and effort into helping and guiding you. Thank you for everything that you did for Boston and I ❤. - Sara Kaufman