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We are proud to announce our 500th rescue, Blossom! 


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We wouldn't be where we are without our gracious partners and those who share our vision to save all animals.   

Finance pet treatment with Vetary and give back to our pet shelter!

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BHAR is foster based so we do not have a physical location.  We are primarily based out of the Northeast.

Appointments can be made to meet dogs and cats after foster and or adopters have been approved.  

Visit us on Facebook: facebook.com/bighairanimalrescue

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Or call us at: (617) 981-5680 ​ 

We have adoption opportunities for both cats and dogs. Click below to complete an adoption application.


Our Mission

Our mission is to decrease the number of adoptable shelter pets who are euthanized every day. We are committed to helping one local shelter pet at a time and placing them in a loving home.

Pets For Adoption

Do you want to temporarily house a pet in need?  Click below to complete a foster application.




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We are proud to announce our 450th adoption- Teddy!

We accept donations in all forms. Monetary donations can be made by clicking on the link below. Food, bedding, toys, crates, leashes, collars can all be dropped off or picked up.  All help is graciously appreciated.



Are you ready to commit to a pet?  Here are some FAQ's to check.  

Here is a checklist to review before deciding to adopt an animal.